Monday, December 22, 2008


In a couple of days I get to see my mom, twin, brother-in-law, niece and sister. I will be spending time with them along with my husband for some days in Florida. I am looking forward to being in warm weather, fishing, rafting, sun bathing, swimming...the probably lies with just being forced to hear all the family drama that I get to stay out of because of the distance.
How do i deal with this? I just have that feeling in my gut that there will be an argument or something that will really bother me that I will need to leave the house to get fresh air. Every year since we've made this a mini family reunion, it usually happens. There just has been things on my mind that I will probably need to say once I am there. I hope it's a good idea because I don't want our vacation to be ruined.
I will update on this posting once all things are said and done (just to have a follow up).

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Emily said...

so i totally accidentally deleted your comment because there were 2 and i thought you were a bot. i'll tell my bro about it and get the address if he's interested.

good luck with the family drama- if my MIL didn't read this blog you'd hear all kinds of rediculous stories!