Monday, December 8, 2008

A wonderful day

I love my classroom. They are all so cute in their own way. I just love what they say. They are still so sweet, innocent and charming.
On Mondays, while I take attendance, I say the students name and ask them to tell the class what they did on the weekend. Today, I heard "I went to the foot doctor." "I went to Las Vegas and went swimming in the pool." "I got my Christmas tree." When I get to my set of twins, I have them both looking at each other giggling, "My brother...hehe...he farted on my head!" This is being said while laughing. I then ask his brother "Did you do that?" His response, while laughing, "It was fun!" I just love these kids!!
I called my grandma before work today. She isn't doing well so I felt like I needed to hear her voice. She talked! The last time I spoke to her, I just talked. She was pretty much sleeping and I just would talk and she would listen and not say anything. Just hearing her say hello and tell me she thinks of me too just made my day. She was alert and remembered I lived in CA. I know the time will come soon and feel like I need to try to talk with her every day before she passes on...even if she isn't alert. I know she loves me and knows I love her. It is just a slow, depressing situation but I'm sure each time she hears from a grandchild or great grandchild, makes her smile.

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