Sunday, December 7, 2008

ewww, I feel gross

I had such a nice evening at Sarah and Serefin's place for the boxing match. I would watch boxing without feeling sick to my stomach but last night, while Oscar got his butt kicked, I couldn't stand watching it. I ended up staying to watch the rest of that fight and then all the dudes wanted to watch kick boxing. I got sucked into it. I don't know what I stayed to watch it. Peter was in his element...hanging with the bro's. There was good food so many of the women stayed in the kitchen and enjoyed talking and playing with the two little ones- Dylan and Ethan. They are such cute little boys. I think when the time comes, I want a little boy.
This morning, I was so tired. Peter and I never go to bed after 11 so heading to bed around 12:30 wasn't the best move. Today, I feel boogery and have a headache. I hope next week since I am done with my first semester of classes, I can rest. Every weekend, I am doing something. I have no time to relax when I don't feel well. I am thinking about what's on my TO DO list. I can get through some-
buy gift for Tracy (recently started chemo)
email songs to Scott (getting married next week)
plan book for the next 2 weeks
write transition plan
begin writing 2 IEPs due 12/17
food shopping
work on holiday cards

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