Saturday, December 13, 2008


Petey is such a good husband. We got to go holiday shopping and get goodies for the little ones. I love looking and buying for babies/toddlers. Right now, he is doing dishes. I know...I can't believe it. We have some NIN on in the background to set the mood for cleaning.
Peter's company is having their business party tonight so we are tidying up the place in case people come over afterward. It's at a restaurant close by and the party ends at 9 so you know...those engineers like playing Wii.
I need to shower and straighten my hair. Peter wants to show me off. I get to show him off because he got a nice new sweater for tonight. We get to match with the same colors. I LOVE when Peter is willing to match with me. I know it's cheesy but I love it!
Ok, Peter is reminding me to get into the shower because it will probably take 2 hours to get fully ready. Fun Fun!!

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