Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long week

Oh my flower is so dead.I always have the intentions to write something but seem to not get the chance too. I have been so busy with work. Last week was parent/teacher conferences which meant my new room had to be done for parents. I didn't want parents to come to a bare room. Students got to leave early from school which was nice so I got to work a bit after they left. Today was Open House along with a Spaghetti Dinner which I helped organize because I decided to join Booster Club Committee. I've always loved raising money so why not, right?
I am so incredibly tired. It has been a long week or two. I hope I won't get sick. I will be leaving Friday night, taking a red eye to NY to see family. I hope to relax a bit but think I will be busy seeing friends and family. I have slacked on my school work and I feel bad about it. I just have to manage my time like I did last semester. I really want to do well in my classes but it's hard when one is SO boring and I feel like I am not learning very much. I am going to try to work on some assignment now because it's due Sunday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well 2 weeks ago I made homemade chicken soup with my husband which was my grandmother recipe. It inspired me to bake this time around. I have always loved baking. I even thought about one day opening some kind of business and have some of my baked goods for sale.
Since Purim is March 10th this year, I thought to make some delicious hamantashen but use grandma's recipe. I was so excited to make them because I remembered how much fun I had as a child. I was always the one child who would stay with grandma and finish the cookies. Every moment, from buying the rolling pin to taking them out of the oven, I thought about all the fun times I've had with Gramcracker. Grandma would make most of the hamantashen with prune and then some with apricot center; I made them all apricot. I ended up making 80 of them. I have 3 left because I gave almost everyone at work 2 or 3 and mailed a box filled with them for my twin. I told my mom I would send them and would love to send to my sister and aunt too. Here are some pictures of the process to making delicious hamantashen-
This is pretty much all the ingredients and utensils I needed.
I used some apricot spread along with dried apricot to make the filling. Mmmm, I love apricots! Before making the filling, I made the dough. It had to be refrigerated for an hour. The was the worst part because all I wanted to do was start. Once the time past I rolled the dough out and cut my circles and put the filling in. The best part was when they were all finished. The apartment smelled so good and I couldn't wait to eat some! They looked delicious before they were put in the oven but even better when they all came out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I survived...

I had a long a stressful week. I will list everything that put a strain on my body in no logical order:
1) Mark remained in ICU for a week
2) Had an annual IEP
3) Had 2 addendum meetings so 2 students can mainstream
4) Report cards were due
5) Progress reports were due
6) Had Art Day which was a CRAZY but loads of fun!
7) Dealt with another teacher who does NOTHING for her kids
8) Had a school assignment due
9) Was subpoenaed AGAIN
10) Had to schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences
11) Wrote up students assessments on matrix for meeting this week
12) Thought about my own dad's health
Ahhhhhh, I hope this week will be a bit easier on me.