Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long week

Oh my flower is so dead.I always have the intentions to write something but seem to not get the chance too. I have been so busy with work. Last week was parent/teacher conferences which meant my new room had to be done for parents. I didn't want parents to come to a bare room. Students got to leave early from school which was nice so I got to work a bit after they left. Today was Open House along with a Spaghetti Dinner which I helped organize because I decided to join Booster Club Committee. I've always loved raising money so why not, right?
I am so incredibly tired. It has been a long week or two. I hope I won't get sick. I will be leaving Friday night, taking a red eye to NY to see family. I hope to relax a bit but think I will be busy seeing friends and family. I have slacked on my school work and I feel bad about it. I just have to manage my time like I did last semester. I really want to do well in my classes but it's hard when one is SO boring and I feel like I am not learning very much. I am going to try to work on some assignment now because it's due Sunday.

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