Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New do

I must write about my wonderful vacation but right now I have to say "I LOVE MY HAIR!!!" My 1:1 aide in my classroom cut her hair over break and when she came to school I just loved it! I thought it was adorable which made me think about my hair. I thought about dreading it or just keeping it really long. When I have long hair, I usually just put it up because it gets so heavy and hot.
As many of you know, I love charity work, volunteering...anything to help someone in need. I have a student who is suffering from cancer and has very little hair. I have so much, thick, beautiful hair that I am always putting up...why not start the new year with chopping it off? I measured my hair in my pony tail-11 inches. I've already donated my hair before so all I needed was the address to Locks of Love,a ziplock bag and a hair appointment. I got all three and chopped my hair off today at 4:00pm. I love it so much!!! I now can wake up and do nothing to my hair and it will still look good. I just thought I would post some pictures up here. Enjoy!!


Emily said...

I love donating to locks for love. I heard that the charity accepts hair shorter than 10 inches because they make it into high-end paintbrushes. (I don't know if that's officially true, but it makes sense.)

Amanda said...

my sister just did this also. she's also a teacher. i love teachers with short hair! you look hot.

PC said...

I love your hair. I think it's really jazzy ( that's a word I made up. It means kool and up to date ). Talk to you soon. Love Dad.