Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kids response to Dads do....

The other day I asked my students what their daddies did. I love what first and second graders say. They always seem to entertain me. I wanted to share this; it's word for word:
"Oh my dad, he works. He works and work.He drives a tight truck."
"He works on satellites at Raytheon."
"He goes to work everyday and doesn't get time off. He drives a truck. It goes fast at 14 miles."
"My daddy goes to CBS to make shows."
"He works at Home People." She was close..Home Depot.
"He fixes cars with tools."
"He works on computers and types letters."
"My dad works far. He drives and goes on the freeway to go to work."
My dad works in the office. He drives a big, huge truck. He works with Mommy."

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