Saturday, February 7, 2009


I had such a wonderful birthday! It couldn't have been any better. I got to see my cute nieces, had a delicious dinner, got my GPS that I wanted and then celebrated with my cute little students. I invited them to my birthday party the week before and they were all really excited! They sang me "Happy birthday" and we all shared some pizza and cake. Later that night, Peter and I went to a nice place for some dinner...I had a really good strawberry martini.

My birthday continued all the way until Friday (my birthday was on Feb.2 which was a Monday and the day after the Superbowl). I decided to bake cupcakes, make deviled eggs, dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in bacon, and a chive cream cheese, cucumber, tomato dish. The food was great. I had it at my friend's new house and guests were from my old and new job. It was nice that now my friends all know each other. It ended up that one of the my new friends went to high school with the home owner's husband. It's such a small world.

To continue a nice, relaxing birthday month, I will be sitting all day, knitting a hat for myself, my niece and my dad, make a purse using an old shirt and duct tape. I love spending a rainy, cloudy, cold day inside being crafty!

My delicious pre-birthday dinner (Feb.1st, a burger with sauteed mushrooms)

My birthday celebration at work with the kids
My tasty strawberry martini
Fun with the host of my party (with adults this time)

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Emily said...

YUM! I'm drooling right now.